The Fall of Elves

Storytelling NFT project on Ethereum with 2112 NFTs of Elves and their fallen sisters who became demonic creatures.

Check our whitepaper for the roadmap, utilities, team info, and more!
Twitter/Discord will be available soon.


Proud and immortal race.
Wise. Noble.
But there is an enemy waiting to destroy their world.
The enemy so dangerous, Elves will need help from outsider.

The End is near…

Who is threatening Elves?
Can the noble race be saved?
And who is the outsider who can help?

The full story will be revealed on our Discord.
Some pieces of the story will be on our Twitter.
Make sure to check the introduction to the Elven world.

How to get WL

Stay tuned for the launch of Twitter. We will share Alphabot raffles there.
After we open Discord, there will be enough chances for you to get WL.
We reward community members for activities.


– Freemint for active members of community
– Shared royalties with raiders each month
– Alpha education
– Guaranteed WL for next drop
– 1/1 NFTs
– Storytelling
– Vault


Q1 2023

– Collection created
– Building community
Q2 2023

– Minting of 1st collection
– 2nd Collection Chance for Orcs created
– Building community
– Splitting royalties among raiders
– Community events
– Minting of 2nd collection Chance for Orcs

Q3 2023

– 3rd Collection New Home created
– Building community
– Splitting royalties among raiders
– Community events
– Minting of 3rd collection New Home

Q4 2023

– Splitting royalties among raiders
– Community events
– Community will decide about the future of project

Check WHITEPAPER for all the information!

What blockchain?


What is the mint price?


What is the supply?

2,112 NFTs.

How to get whitelisted?

Join our Discord, choose the role and do activities.

When is the mint date?

Follow social media channels for updates.

How many NFTs can I mint?

3 NFTs per wallet.

What wallet can I use?


What is the secondary market?


What are the royalties?